Playa Chaca condo owners personal experience.......

Let me paint you a picture....Canadians ‘pretend’ they like their winter (for many this is from 15th November to 15th April – that’s over 150 days!). Maybe a week or two over Christmas and New Year, but for the rest of the time?

It is estimated that at least 10% of the Canadian population (that’s over 3 million people!) become ‘snow birds’ and head south for the winter. Many go to Florida and other southern states of America, but more and more are coming to Mexico – to the Yucatan Peninsula; why?

The reasons are simple logic. If you do the research (Google It!), you will find that the Peninsula is safer, cheaper, warmer and friendlier than just about anywhere else.

We came for nearly 3 months in the early part of 2015 and we spent a lot of time travelling all over the Peninsula. In the back of our minds we were also looking for maybe our place in the sun as well.

We checked out places in Tulum, Puerto Aventuras, Playa del Carmen and along the Mayan Riviera; there were properties for all tastes and incomes. We thought we’d found somewhere that would suit us in Puerto Aventuras and made a tentative bid – that was before we came back to Progreso!

Progreso is relaxed. It is also a Mexican town where the locals are incredibly friendly – you feel safe and welcomed. By buying on the local economy, you know that you are not only getting a very fair and reasonable price for whatever you want to buy, but you are also adding their local economy – a win/win for all.

We’ve been coming here for some years; usually staying or sharing with friends renting a sea front villa. As you get to know the place (i.e. where to eat, where to buy and where to have fun), you realise that it really is a ‘home from home’ – easy to live in Canada or in Progreso.

Then we found out about PLAYA CHACA. The first time we saw it we knew it was going to be ‘our place in the sun’. The quality of the build, its’ location and its’ facilities are all the best. In particular, the swimming pool and the roof top patio were really special.

The help we got from all the PLAYA CHACA folk was as good as it can get. And after we started the process to own our condo, we were surprised at how logical and straightforward it turned out to be. We knew we would have to be patient and take our time and the ‘journey’ was constantly rewarding.

For example, getting furniture. Depending on your taste you can get high end market or locally produced. We preferred the latter and to see our dining room table and chairs gradually evolve and take shape into what are now prized possessions was watching a work of art being performed.

We are so pleased with how things have turned out! The dream of a condo is now a reality. And, when we’re not there it is available for rent. So we have our place to run to when it gets cold and an investment as well.

For those interested, you can find out all about our adventures in the Yucatan and the full process of how to buy a condo at PLAYA CHACA at: .